The Founders

A group of 12 RFID professionals came together after RFID Journal LIVE!2012 concerned that with the demise of the CompTIA managed RFID Certification the RFID industry no longer had a formal professional certification scheme to promote professionalism in the RFID industry. They decided to form an institute for this purpose with the mission:


"To promote the “public good” by promoting high levels of professionalism through standardized, independent, vendor-neutral certification exams developed by relevant subject matter experts"


The RFID International Institute was formed in June 2012 as a Non-Profit organisation and in November 2014 changed its name to the RFID Professional Institute to better reflect the Institute's objectives.

The Board

The Board of Directors is composed of experienced professionals from all aspects of the RFID industry. They serve on a totally voluntary unpaid basis for three year terms. The current Board members are:

Diana Hage

Founder Board Member


CEO - RFID Global Solutions Inc.



"I came to the first meeting back in 2012 because I felt certification was important for our industry to foster professionalism and facilitate wide-scale adoption," says Diana Hage, CEO of RFID Global Solution. "I've served on the board and as an officer despite the demands on my time because I feel now more than ever our industry needs this."


RFID Professional Institute Introduction

Call for Subject Matter Experts (SME's)

Term Role Name Company
2019 Chairman, Founder Ian Robertson Supply Chain RFID Consulting, CEO
2019 Vice-Chairman, Founder Josef Preishuber-Pflügl CISC, CTO
2019 President, Founder Mark Roberti RFID Journal, CEO
2019 Secretary, Founder Sanjiv Dua RFID4U, CEO
2020 Treasurer, Founder Diana Hage RFID Global Solution, CEO
2020 Board Mike Liard Independent Consultant
2019 Board, Founder Mark Brown Independent Consultant
2020 Board, Founder Ernesto Castagnet Ingenieria en Sistemas SRL, CEO
2019 Board Tracy Hutson Toyoda Gosei, RFID Specialist
2018 Board Dr. Pat King TROI RFID


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