SME Expectations

We welcome subject-matter experts (SMEs) to join us in developing the RFID Professional Institute Certification credentials. Creating standardized exams requires the contributions of many experts in the RFID industry to achieve this objective, which is intended to benefit everyone, including end-user organisations and members of the general public who stand to benefit from the adoption of RFID technology. Accordingly, SMEs who participate will be expected to invest some time reviewing the blueprint, developing questions and answers (items), and preparing and reviewing materials.

SME applications and registration are open continuously. Please review the SME Qualification Guidelines.

We have completed the RFID Professional Institute Associate Certification exam and are now working on our Professional Certification exam. Questions may be submitted for either or both exams.

SME Process:

SMEs are appointed in accordance with the policies established by the RFID Professional Institute's Board of Directors (see the SME Qualification Guidelines). Certification examination items (i.e. questions and answers) are written and modified online using a password-protected item writing form.

Each approved SME will be assigned a unique password to access the online item writing section of the Institute's website. After all SME item writers complete their assignments, a review workshop will be conducted during which all items will be reviewed. Approved items will be placed into an item bank from which they will be randomly selected for the construction of examinations, per the domain weight assigned.

SMEs contributing items do not see or review them, in order to maintain the exam's integrity. They are edited by an independent expert panel.


More information on becoming a SME is available here and you may also wish to complete our SME Registration Form.



 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

SMEs are the lifeblood of any certification body.

Without their knowledge, expertise and contribution it would not be possible to scope out what subject areas to include in the certification or to construct the question banks from which examination questions are selected.

The Institute relies heavily upon seasoned knowledgeable industry experts to perform the SME role and always needs more SME's to ensure that our certifications cover the appropriate scope, are current and relevant to the RFID community.


You can see the qualifications required  on our Qualifications Guidelines page.


And you can apply to become a SME on our Apply to be a SME page.

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